Whimsical designs in stoneware.

This 4" tall dragon is still busting out of his egg.

$24.00 + shipping


Welcome to the world newly hatched dragon, approximately 6" tall.

$35.00 + shipping


This 5" tall curious dragon has just hatched.

$35.00 + shipping


This 6" tall dragon is very useful. He holds business cards in his feet, a pen in his mouth, a pen in his tail, plus 2 more pens in holes in his back. Shown in blue, also available in green, purple, or black.

$38.00 + shipping

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Where's my phone? Where are my keys? Where's an ink pen? Wall-mounted Holdem holds them all for you. He is about 7" tall X 6" wide X 4" deep. This one is the natural clay with staining.

$39.00 + shipping

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Book Ends

A pair of dragons, male (with horns) and female (with 3 spikes) keep your favorite fantasy books organized. Each one is about 8" wide X 8" tall X 6" deep. The male is reading "Game of Thrones", and the female is reading "Harry Potter." But, you can message or call me to change the book titles to your favorites. Shown in the natural clay with staining. Sorry, no other color choices.

$170.00 + shipping

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